7 Simple And Free SEO Tools That Will Improve Your Marketing

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seo tools for marketing

What is SEO and SEO Tools?

Search Engine Optimization SEO is a methodological strategy, tricks, techniques, and tactics used in increasing website visibility to increase the number of visitors and high-ranking placement in the search results page of a search engine (SERP).

SEO Tools are tools used to check the hits on a website and see if it aligns with the search engine policies and can also detect what is wrong and what should be fixed and SEO Tools also rate your website optimization from 0 to 100.

Search engine optimization SEO has changed drastically over the years with a lot of websites and businesses dying alongside the old tricks that were used to optimize websites in the past.

Here are seven SEO tools that have been really active and still more helpful in growing your website and helping you get the best optimization for marketing.

1. SERPs Rank Checker

seo tools for marketing

Helps you see where your site appears on the search result for certain term and keywords.

with this SEO tool, you can run a rank checker for your website in multiple ways and see where you land.

2. Browseo

seo tools for marketing

Show you your website the way a search engine sees it, input your website Url and this tool will show you how spider crawlers see it.

This view is very helpful to see the hierarchy you’ve given particular elements (maybe without realizing it!).

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3. SEO Site Checkup

seo tools for marketing

this is one of the best tools on the list, it audit and scores your website, with recommendations on what to put in place.

Site checkup run through your website checking for the proper tags and surfacing any errors that might come up.

4. Copyscape

seo tools for marketing

Checks for any duplicate content on and off your website, input a URL for a website or blog post, Copyscape can tell you where the content exists online.

Effective in its own way because you might find some results that you will need to follow up to put your SEO in place.

5. XML Sitemaps

seo tools for marketing

Help to build up a sitemap.

Input your website URL and optional parameters, XML Sitemap will help create a sitemap, that can be uploaded to Google webmaster tools.

6. Google PageSpeed Insights

seo tools for marketing

Check the speed of your website and see recommendations on how to improve it on multiple devices.

It helps optimize your website to make it load faster, you can get an insight on how fast your website loads on mobile and desktop and will also get recommendations on how to fix it to make it load faster.

7. Last On SEO Tools Is QuickSprout Website Analyzer

seo tools for marketing

Detailed analysis of your website.

QuickSprout gives you detailed analysis and comprehensive report about your website and rates your homepage optimization over a 100, Quick sprout can also with details on SEO optimization, speed, tags, keywords, social, links, and even competitor comparisons.


Thanks for reading through all and take out time to test  the SEO tools listed here and see how it can effectively grow your website and marketing, if you have SEO or Digital Marketing related topic or issues to share, please leave a comment below.

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