How To Change Your Google Adwords Bid Strategy

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Ever wondered if it is possible to change Google AdWords bid strategy?

With the new Adwords, it is but I never tried it with the previous Adwords version.

What Is Google Adwords Bid Strategy?

There is multiple bids strategy on Google Adwords, one of the most used being the manual CPC helps you set your bid based on your daily budget and how much you’re willing to pay per click.

Bidding is how you pay people to interact with your advert, a sufficient bid and good quality score will earn your advert a higher rank in ad auction.

Here is a highlight on Google Adwords bid strategies and how they work;

Manual CPC: With manual CPC as earlier mentioned you set your own CPC for your ads.

Target CPA: Target CPA set bids to get most conversions possible while reaching your CPA goal.

Target ROAS: One of the best bid strategies, this bid helps you set the bid to get the most conversions while maintaining your ROAS goal.

Maximize Conversion: Helps you set the bid to get the most clicks within your daily budget.

Target Search Page Location: sets bid to get your advert on the top of the SERP, or on the first page of search result.

Maximize Conversion: sets bid to help you get the most conversion within your daily budget.

Target Outranking Share: sets bid to help you outrank another domain ads.

Enhanced CPC: Helps you adjust your manual bid up or down to increase conversion.

Stating what these bid strategies do so if you intend to change your current bidding strategy make sure to analyze and re-check if it helps you to get the best out of your advert.

1. Click On The Campaign You Want To Change The Bidding Strategy

google adwords bid strategy

With no further delay if you notice the current bid strategy is not working for you and you are not getting the best out of it, click on the campaign and open the overview, close to the daily budget at the top right corner click on more details.

google adwords bid strategy


2. Edit Your Google Adwords Bid Strategy In Settings And Save

google adwords bid strategy

Once you click on more details proceed to edit in settings;

google adwords bid strategy

Click on the bidding and change it to the new bidding strategy you want to use and save.


That is how you change the Google AdWords bid strategy if you have more Adwords related issues or have a problem setting up a specific campaign please comment and get help on how to fix it.

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