How To Create Facebook Page For Business

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Facebook Page


Facebook page for business, is the way to go in this age and time but before we dive into it; we need to understand what Facebook is and what type of community the Facebook teams are building and, why a Facebook page is important for business.

What Is Facebook Page:

Pages are for business, brands, organizations, and celebrities, to share their stories and also connect with people.

Facebook Community:

Facebook has grown to a community of over 2billion users, the primary goal of the Facebook community is to make the world a more global village where you connect with people that have the same interest as you do and also share updates on topics of choice.

Why Facebook Page Is Important For Business:

With a community of over 2Billion users from different part of the world, it is only wise for a brand to leverage on this opportunity and startup Facebook business page, some brands and organizations are already using Facebook page to reach their potential customer while engaging and building the relationship with their previous and returning customers.

Here are highlights on how to create a Facebook business page.

1. SignUp For Facebook

facebook page

If you don’t have a facebook profile before now you will need to create one because without a profile on facebook you will be unable to create a page; log on to and signup.

2. Create A Page

Facebook page

Once you complete your signup and put in the required information about you, you will be taken to your homepage, click on the pages or the create page at the left corner of your homepage.

select the category that your business page fall into and continue (in this example I am creating a page about a community where the audience will get insight on digital marketing and social media) write the name of the page and click get started.

facebook page


3. Edit Your Page Details

facebook page

Once you put in your Facebook page name and click the get started you will be taken to the page homepage where you will add a profile picture, cover photo;

facebook page


And write details on what your page is about; to go further click the about section on the left corner and put in information that is required.

4. Create A Username

facebook page

Creating a username for your page is very important and helpful with your page unique username it will be easier for you to share your page with anyone and also easier for them to find your page usernames are unique to only one page (for this example I created a username for the page

facebook page

Your username can be from 0 to 50 characters long.

5. Share Your Page And Invite Friends To Like It

facebook page

Creating a page without sharing the page URL and invite friends to like the page or doing a sponsored post to get likes will make the page dry and over time you will get tired.

After you finish creating the username share the page on other platforms encouraging people to like and also invite your Facebook friends to like it.

You can take a step further by boosting the page to reach more people and get more Facebook page likes.

6. Publish Your First Post

facebook page

To engage with people that like your page you need to be consistent in updating your timeline, a Facebook page that is not constantly updated will die out a page can have over 200,000 likes and will have poor engagement if the page is dormant for a very long time, get users to engage with your page by publishing posts that are relevant to what your page is about.

NOTE: In future, you can assign page roles.

Thank you for reading and do comment if nothing is clear to you for proper explanation and if you are having issues with your business page you can comment too and get help in solving it.

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