The Internet World Stats And The Nigeria Internet Community

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internet world stats and Nigeria Internet Community


The Internet world stats And The Nigeria Internet Community

The recent internet world stats talk about Nigeria internet users being 49% of the total population is not true to start with and to also note some errors that may have come in place while gathering this data about the internet community of Nigeria, here are some points to note before selling the 91million internet user to a potential client.

Facebook is the largest online community on the internet with about 2billion registered account and Nigeria is not even number 1 when counting African countries with most users on Facebook as at 2016 Nigeria was second with just 16million which is 12% of the country population, using a simple logic of every Nigerian with internet access have a Facebook account is also wrong too because there are people who don’t use Facebook and to also note some Nigerians have multiple Facebook accounts and also multiple WhatsApp and other social media accounts.

Looking at the Internetworldstats about the Nigeria internet community from a more strategic point of view, you will realize that there have been errors getting the total number of internet user globally as we live in the age and time of one person having multiple devices and multiple Sim cards, having said this the internet world stats must be getting their data from IP and MAC address point of view and that is misleading because one person can have desktop, laptop, Android device and an iPhone and will make use of all this device daily to access the internet that’s one user counted in four, because the gadgets have different Ip and Mac address but the internet world stats will count each device as one unique user.

Inasmuch as mobile penetration in the Nigeria internet market is on the rise there’s no possible way 49% of the population is currently online as there are more places in the country where network failure alone is discouraging and people get their information’s via local Tv and Radio.


A more focused study is the review of how the Nigeria internet community grew from 2000 to 2015. Early 2000 Nigeria internet user stood at 200,000 and the country then population was 142,895,600 and was calculated at the rate of 0.1% penetration, looking at this data from 2000 there is right and wrong because during the early age of internet in Nigeria a lot of families and homes can’t afford it.


And this gave birth to the cyber cafe business in Nigeria and going by this data there were only 200,000 IP addresses accessing the internet from Nigeria, forward to year 2006 the number grew in massive percentage with over 5,000,000 accessing the internet and the population then stood at 159,404,137 which was calculated at 3.1%, going by the year 2006 stats and calculations it’s estimated there are over 5million gadgets in the country that are accessing the internet and this time I call the java and Symbian phone time.


By the year 2009 more Nigerians are coming online with the rate of internet users at 23,982,200 that is about 16.1% penetration, from here we should take a close look at the little errors that are coming in place, the year 2009 upwards the rate of mobile phones in Nigeria doubled leading to this high number of users with some individuals having more than one device that access the internet at this time and also more cyber cafes where people access the Internet via desktops.


In the year 2011 the amount of active internet users in Nigeria more than doubled at 45,039,71 which was 26.5% penetration a close look at this also note some faults because during this time the Nigeria community is online and the blackberry and android devices are coming to play, as at 2011 some individuals in Nigeria have over 2 gadgets that access the internet and also has multiple Sim cards for business and personal usage.

Forward to 2015 we are estimated at 92,699,924 internet users and population at 181,562,056 that’s a whopping 51.1% penetration from a professional point of view this is more IP and Mac addresses online than more users, with this number currently on the rise, I want investors and people with this stats to note that there are more Ip and Mac address online than unique users in Nigeria.

In conclusion the take home is one user can check his/her social media account or read online blog/website post from multiple devices and the IWS will count that user as multiple users because the user made use of different devices with different Ip addresses at this rate I will say a proper look into our current internet user will put us at 25 to 30% penetration, and also note that some Nigerians change their Ip to that of US and UK.

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