Why You Should Stop Using These 8 SEO Strategies

  • September 28, 2017
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SEO Strategies


Old SEO strategies can affect your SEO and page rank. Search Engines always keeps on updating and improving search engine optimization practices so as to make the search experience better for the user and also stay updated on the relevance of the keyword. are you still using these outdated search engine optimization strategies? Are you still stuck with same old Off-Page SEO strategies? If you are still using the same old SEO strategies it’s time to get out of the zone of using old techniques and to scale to new search engine’s algorithm

1)  Still Doing Lots of Directory Listing Strategies?

Search Engines like Google doesn’t give importance to directory listing as it used to. After misusing of the directory submission whether useful or not useful by website owners Google decided to make the value of directory listing null for indexing. Google just wanted to verify the NAPE – Name, Address, Phone Number and Email Address from the directory listing. Using the outdated search engine optimization strategy, site owners used to think that using extensive directory listing method will boost SEO ranking. However, it’s a fuse now. More than 60% of the free directory listing websites were shut down after this update.

2) Write-Up Submission – Have You Check For a “do follow” or “No do Follow” link in Write-Up Submission process?

Before the Panda update, write up submission was the beloved of SEO kings. “EzineArticles” was a name known for every SEO king. Numerous write-ups were submitted in the greed of getting a backlink. Again, when Google found that it is being misused, Search Engines stopped giving value to it. Now if you submit a write-up, make sure you submit it to relevant niche. Also, check you get “Do Follow Link” from the write-up submission if you are getting “No Do Follow Link,” it will not help your SEO.

3) Still, Using the Meta Keywords Tag?

Meta tags are the most effective tag for SEO; However, Meta keyword tag is dead now for SEO. Before now there was a high value of Meta Keyword in Search Engine Optimization, but with time it was misused. Because of keyword stuffing and irrelevant keywords in Meta keyword cases, in which Search Engine took note of. In September of 2009 Google announced that Meta keyword would not have any value in the search engine ranking. Different thoughts may come to mind, will my site get exiled if I am using Meta keyword? Well, no you won’t get exiled. Google and Yahoo will ignore if you are using Meta Keyword but Bing does not. If you use Meta keyword in Bing and your content does not have that keyword your website may get penalized.

4) Spin-bot Your Content? It’s an Old SEO Strategy

It is said in the SEO world that content is the most unique. What if you do the least amount of content work and look for great results? There is no shortcut to stable success. If you spin-bot and use copied content, you will not be in the trust list of Google or any search engine. If you are not true for the search engine, then forget about coming on the 1st page of SERP. Keep the content unique and original, let the search engine know, that you are there for work, for business, you are a professional, you are following all the do’s and don’ts of guidelines of SEO and search engine like Google or Bing will appreciate you for this. There are over 200+ Google algorithms for the search engine. Just follow the rules, and you will keep on stepping up on the SERP.

5) Poor URL Structure with Unsafe Characters – It’s a Part of Old SEO Strategy

Poor URL structure is still one of the major reason to not to rank well on the search engine; it’s an old SEO Strategy. It hampers the ranking authority of your pages or even the entire website. Also, it’s made clear to not to use unsafe characters in the URL. If you use unsafe characters in the URL, they may get blocked by G-series firewall or other firewall security plugins. Search Engine considers URL with Unsafe characters as potentially harmful or malicious URL and it prevents them from appearing on the search engine.

6) Do You Still Use Your Primary Keyword as Your Domain Name?

How about kon_ga.com? And how’s kon-ga.com? Well if these domain thoughts cross your mind, let them pass and go away from your mind. Following this outdated search engine optimization methods is a big NO from search engine algorithms. Search Engine rulebook says NO to any such wrong practices or old SEO strategies.

7) Think Before You Choose Your Theme

Understanding the growing usage of mobiles in today’s world, Google wanted its users to feel the same comfort while browsing on the cell phone as they feel on the desktop. Google announced that after April 21, 2015, your ranking on search engine result page would depend on the mobile-friendliness of your website. If your site is responsive, mobile friendly, the search engine will give more importance to those sites. Chances of getting a better rank on SERP will increase with mobile friendliness for your site. And if you are still following old SEO strategies, it’s the high time for you to switch to a mobile-friendly website. Also, try to use an Accelerated Mobile page, it gives a boost in the search ranking.

8) NO to Reciprocal Linking and Link Exchange

If you are still doing reciprocal linking, STOP now. It’s an old SEO strategy and your website may get penalized any moment. Do you want the search engine to know that you are cheating? Do you want the search engine to recognize that you are providing inappropriate linking? Well, no-one working hard on their website would want to get penalized. But if you are still following these old SEO strategies, you may get punished any moment, and Google will stop crawling or indexing your website.

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